BYOD for Schools

BYOD (bring your own device) is an increasing trend in schools for pupils and staff to bring in their own connected devices, with smartphones, tablets and laptops being the most obvious examples. BYOD is most often associated with a connection to a wireless network so it is imperative that consideration is also given to network security when discussing BYOD.

As part of a growing trend towards pupils and staff using their own equipment, BYOD has both advantages and disadvantages for schools. It can significantly reduce the cost of hardware purchase but it also has inherent security risks (including viruses and malware).

Personally owned devices sanctioned by the school can be supported alongside devices owned directly by them but this adds significantly to the IT resource required. However, if rules can be applied that only certain types of equipment can be attached to the network such support issues can be minimised.

Strong BYOD policies need to be implemented to ensure the school network is protected without impacting on the use of personally owned equipment.

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