BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

 As many IT departments struggle to keep up with yearly technology changes, company employees, students increasingly want to use their own devices to access company or education data. This is set to grow with the streaming and larger application files being downloaded, the demand for Wireless access and control is an important factor.

The traditional format for IT Managers to cope with was propriety owned devices, this proved controllable with manged upgrades with little downtime.

The advent of BYOD is forcing IT departments and IT managers to develop and implement policies that govern the management of unsupported devices SYOD (smuggle your own device) .
Network security is paramount. Beyond passcode-protecting employee devices, these policies might involve encrypting sensitive data, preventing local storage of corporate documents and/or limiting corporate access to non-sensitive areas.

Let Lynx Networks help to put a strong strategy based on our experience and successes: