Flex Server - Cloud Hosted Servers

Flex Server

You no longer need to invest capital in servers and storage. Your IT processes can now run on servers owned by Lynx Networks and housed in a data centre. Your users will have the same software at their fingertips running transparently at fast speed via rapid internet access.

What makes our service different from other cloud services is our flexibility: We have no fixed rules about what you can do or how your in-house systems integrate with the cloud services.

Flex from Lynx has these benefits:

  • Housed in a UK Tier 3 data centre
  • Built-in resilience in all areas including power, communications, processing and storage
  • Supported in the data centre by Lynx technicians
  • Increase or decrease your storage and processing power at short notice
  • Backup your data on the fly to a different location
  • Powerful security to protect your data and IT operation
  • Securely use your IT system from any authorised location
  • Hosted systems can be integrated with your in-house hardware
  • No need for noisy, power hungry servers taking up valuable space in your offices

Talk to us about how Flex Server from Lynx can give you the IT power you need. We’ll offer sound advice without the hard sell - So you only get what’s best for you.