Flex MailSafe - Cloud Mail Security

Flex Mailsafe

Protect your organisation against spam and malicious emails. Flex MailSafe is a cloud-based service that is managed through a web browser and requires no on-site hardware or special software.

Typically, 90% of inbound emails are spam. This uses up your bandwidth and they can be malicious. Phishing attacks can destroy your data and your business’s reputation and often start with an email. Even if your staff are trained to spot malicious emails, typically 70% of malware emails are opened. Flex MailSafe screens your inbound traffic and filters out these unwanted and harmful emails.

Dependent upon your specific requirements, Lynx uses one of a number of specialist providers for this service, namely Websense, Symantec and Mimecast. Our expertise enables us to set the service up exactly as you need it and to maintain it for optimum performance. We can integrate Flex MailSafe into Microsoft Exchange or 365.

Top benefits:

  • Scans email inbound and outbound for malware, spyware and other threats.
  • Backed by a 99% or better spam detection service level agreement.
  • Built-in email spooling and redundancy ensures that email is never lost when a you experience a network or mail server outage.
  • Scheduled and on-demand access reduces administrative overhead and enables users to view and release quarantined messages and to whitelist or blacklist senders.
  • Image analysis: Reliably detects pornographic images and blocks the emails.
  • ISO 27001 security accreditation
  • Hosted in Level 3 data centres

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