Flex WebSafe - Cloud Based Security

Flex Websafe

Protect your organisation from web-based malware. Flex WebSafe is a cloud-delivered web proxy and it protects distributed enterprises from attack via the web.

Our intelligent cybersecurity gives you comprehensive protection before, during and after an attack to prevent loss of data, assets and your reputation.

Lynx Networks technicians can quickly deploy Flex WebSafe across your entire environment and tailor it to your needs using the flexible options.

To meet your needs and budget, we use either Cisco Cloud Web Security or Barracuda Web Security Gateways for this service and implement the protection to your specific requirements.

The service is continually updated against threats detected via a global threat telemetry network.

Top benefits:

  • Manage different policies across your whole network from a single location
  • Short threat identification times
  • Customisable reports updated several times an hour.
  • Hosted in Tier 3 data centres

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