Flex Rack - Cloud Rack Space

Flex Rack

If you want some rack space in a data centre to install your own hardware but don’t need a whole rack, you can rent some space in one of our racks. Lynx engineers will install your equipment and make any physical changes that you require, but you will have control.

The rack space you use can be scaled up or down at short notice so you won’t incur any more cost than you need to. Comms lines can be supplied to the specification you need.

Flex Rack from Lynx has these benefits:

  • Rack space in a UK Tier 3 data centre
  • Supported in the data centre by Lynx technicians
  • Increase or decrease your capacity at short notice
  • Your hardware and virtual services can be integrated with nearby Lynx servers and storage, and your HQ systems to create a hybrid solution
  • Duplicated power supplies available, backed up by on-site batteries and generators for a highly resilient service
  • Save on the costs of air-conditioning and power

Talk to us about how Flex Rack from Lynx can give you the IT flexibility you need. We’ll offer sound advice without the hard sell - So you only get what’s best for you.