A Guide to The FIA Accredited Installer Scheme

What is the FIA?

The Fibreoptic Industry Association (FIA) promotes high standards and best practices within the fibre optic industry. Its members are manufacturers and companies providing services such as installation, training, calibration and distribution.

Why You Should Become an FIA Installer

  • The FIA Accredited Installer Scheme (AIS) uses the reduction of risk as the prime quality assurance driver for the design and installation of fibre optic systems. The risk index is very comprehensive with 15 task groups and hundreds of risk elements for an Accredited Installer (AI) to consider.
  • An AI is obliged to attend regular technical and Standards updates at FIA events to keep their knowledge up to date.
  • In the event of any dissatisfaction with the installer or the installation, you, the Client, can appeal to the FIA AIS Directorate for a resolution.
  • If required, and agreed to by both parties in a dispute, FIA Arbitration Scheme may be called into action as a free service to the Client.

How the AIS Works

Installers that apply to be an authorised member of the AIS are assessed to strict criteria. They commit to a code of conduct, continued professional development and they apply the FIA Risk Reduction Checks. Other requirements are:

  • Appropriate commercial insurances
  • A documented Health & Safety policy or equivalent "statement of intent"
  • Evidence of safe working practices
  • A test equipment calibration register
  • A test cord (and test fixtures) register
  • Access to a current Technical Library containing the current BS 6701, EN 50173, EN 50174 and EN 50310 standards

An Accredited Installer is obliged to inform its clients of the scheme and its rules. Clients are encouraged to contact the FIA if they feel the AI is not following the rules. At this point the FIA AIS Directorate will take up the issue and the FIA Arbitration Scheme may be called into action as a free service to both parties.

Accredited Installers contractors may be struck off if they don’t meet the standard demanded.

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