Server Consolidation

Using fewer servers to save money, space, power and cooling is achieved through consolidation. The easiest way to consolidate is to virtualise.

Consolidation in a virtual world refers to the number of hardware devices in use, not the number of servers running. Traditionally the only way to use fewer servers was to simply stop using them. Today it’s possible to run more than one server on a physical device. In some instances we have seen customers running twenty or more servers on one physical device.

Virtualisation is the process of abstracting the operating system and applications from the hardware. The latest hyper-visors allow physical resources to be pooled together. For example, if you have three servers, their total memory, network connectivity and processing power is pooled into one. Virtual servers can then be configured to use as much of that pool as they need. Virtual machines are completely unaware of each other so clashes are avoided and utilisation rates increase to nearer 80% from the 20-30% we commonly see in traditional environments today.

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