Virtualisation Glossary

Virtualisation Glossary


Protocol: Common Internet File System prevalent for providing file access in Windows environments.


A software tool from VM Ware that allows a single physical server to run multiple virtual servers.


Protocol: Fibre Channel over Ethernet is a method of passing Fibre Channel block level data over an Ethernet Network.

Fibre Channel

Protocol: A block level protocol used in Storage Area Networks to offer fast and reliable connections for critical applications.

Hyper V

Microsoft’s virtualisation software.


Protocol: Internet Small Computer System Interface is a method of passing block level SCSI traffic over an IP based Ethernet network.


A network based storage array providing file access directly to users.


Protocol: A Unix based Network File System now favoured in VM Ware environments as well.

Recovery Point Objective

The acceptable time frame in which data might be lost in the event of an outage.

Recovery Time Objective

The acceptable time frame to have data available again. How long it takes to get services up and running again.


The act of copying data from one device to another, normally geographically separate.


Storage Area Network. A network dedicated to connections between a storage array and the servers. Traditionally run on Fibre Channel protocol and fibre cabling, increasingly standardising on iSCSI and Ethernet.