Server Virtualisation in Schools

Lynx Networks has been working with schools for over twenty years and we have over ten years’ experience installing virtualisation technology.

Virtualisation is the creation of a non-physical version of something. This could be an operating system, a server, the storage or even the network. In its simplest form virtualisation is the reduction of hardware by running more than one instance of something on a single hardware device. The most common application of this would be server consolidation.

Whether your aim is to reduce costs or improve services, to save space or go green, virtualisation will help you achieve your goals. Today every part of the network can be virtualised. In most cases the aims are the same, to do more with less but this is changing and if you adopt virtualisation fully the benefits will be much more than saving money.

At Lynx Networks, we work with industry leading vendors such as VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Veeam and Nimble. Please contact us 01908 633833 or use the form below if you'd like a quotation, some technical advice, or just an introductory chat.