Blown Fibre

The optical fibre solution for the future-proofed, flexible backbone.

With blown fibre, empty tubes are installed and fibre bundles are blown into the tube as required. This gives a high degree of flexibility and choice at the time the fibre cores are installed. It is ideally suited to projects where it is not known at the outset what fibre type or quantity of cores will be required at final implementation. By connecting tubes within a cabling closet, fibres can be blown along existing tubes from one corner of a campus to another.

Costs of a network can be spread across several periods: tubes can be installed during a building’s construction phase and fibres added as network hardware is commissioned. With new fibre types under development, the IT manager has the peace of mind that the latest fibres can be installed quickly and easily into the existing tubes.

Lynx Networks has teams qualified in the design and installation of the Pirelli Sirocco blown fibre solution, as adopted by ADC KRONE and HellerrmannTyton, and we own the specialist equipment for blowing, terminating and testing the fibres. Projects can be completed on a quotation basis or a day rate.

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