Flex Cloud Backup

Flex Backup

Lynx Networks’ Flex Cloud Backup solution is a cost-effective, scalable and simple solution to all your backup issues. It’s off-site, automated and totally reliable.

Tape backups can be removed from site but the backup process is cumbersome. On-site disk backup, on the other hand, is vulnerable in a disaster but is fast and reliable. Lynx Networks Remote Backup brings the best of both worlds: It’s a disk-based backup that’s remote, so it’s reliable, automated and secure.

Our cloud-based solution is suitable for all organisations, large or small. We offer different levels of service depending on the requirements. For example, it can be data only of it could be a "bare-metal" backup enabling a full server restore. Costs are based on the amount of data stored and the type of service delivered.

Because the service is provided via the internet, you will need a fast broadband service or a leased line to prove enough upstream and downstream bandwidth for the data. It is important to consider the Recovery Point. This is the point in time when the last backup was taken. Any subsequent changes to the data will be lost if the data has to be restored. Frequent incremental backups will reduce the risk of losing data.

Another consideration is the Recovery Time Objective. This is how long it takes to restore all or some of the data and is largely dependent on the downstream bandwidth.

If you want more information please give us a call. We would be happy to demonstrate how easy the software is to use. It will save you money by improving productivity and give you that peace of mind that, if and when you need it, your data will be complete, recent and safe.

Get in touch for a quotation, some advice or just an introductory chat. Call us on 01908 633833 or use this form. We promise not to share your data: