Flex Disaster Recovery

Flex DR

Having your IT running in a remote data centre makes it independent of your premises. Therefore, in the event that your premises are unavailable to you because of a disaster or other incident, your critical IT can remain operational. This is a crucial element in keeping your business running.

Disaster Recovery is much more than data backup and recovery, it’s your organisation’s ability to cope with the unexpected and be back on its feet with the minimum of disruption. Flex DR from Lynx gives you this.

Top benefits:

  • Housed in a UK Tier 3 data centre
  • Built-in resilience in all areas including power, communications, processing and storage
  • Supported in the data centre by Lynx technicians
  • Increase or decrease your storage and processing power at short notice
  • Backup your data on the fly to a different location
  • Powerful security to protect your data and IT operation
  • Have your IT processes replicated off-site for rapid recovery

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