How to Defend Against Cyber Threat

As I am sure you are aware by now, over the weekend a large amount of companies, including the NHS, were hit by a ransomware attack that encrypts all files on systems and demands payment to decrypt the files.

The ransomware (appropriately named “WannaCry”) is most likely sent via an email with an attachment or a web link. It would look like any normal email you receive – when clicking this link or attachment it initiates an installation of the malware, which will then instantly start the process of scanning your network and encrypting files.

We have already contacted our support customers regarding preventative measures. These include ensuring your operating systems are fully up to date, as Microsoft has already patched this vulnerability back in March, and being extra vigilant on all incoming emails, especially those including links and attachments.

These attacks have been a prime example of what can happen when organisations are complacent about the cyber security measures they adopt. If you want to bolster your security measures, an excellent starting point would be to become Cyber Essentials accredited.

You may have already heard that we are running a complimentary breakfast briefing on June 2nd, regarding how your organisation can become Cyber Essentials accredited. You can read more about the event here. If you would like to attend the event please email with your details and the details of any guests you would like to bring along.