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Management of a wireless network can be complicated if your company has multiple locations or if you have limited resources to manage a complex wireless environment. But complexity and ease of use can be overcome easily with Cisco’s Meraki cloud-based management solution. It allows you to oversee a network of any size, across any number of locations from the comfort of your own desk or any mobile browser. The Meraki solution doesn’t stop at the wireless network: Meraki switches and security products can also be managed from the cloud, giving a view of the entire infrastructure from a single point, dramatically reducing management complexity and time.

The Lynx Flex Wireless solution utilises the latest technology from Cisco Meraki coupled with the reassurance of the Lynx Helpdesk to provide a wireless network which is based on the latest technology running at the fastest speeds. 

Features and Benefits

·         Complex environment made easy to deploy, configure and manage

·         No single point of failure

·         Converged device technologies designed to provide a single holistic infrastructure solution

·         ‘Single pane of glass’ to manage multiple sites and multiple device technologies

·         Easy to support with access to Lynx Helpdesk

Cloud-based management saves time, improves availability and reduces management complexity. With integrated mobile device management, the ability to make the Wi-Fi really work for your organisation has never been so achievable. With Lynx Networks support on hand, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that in the unlikely event that something needs explaining, we’re only a phone call away.

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