Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) streamlines all of your communications so you are fully in touch. It brings together telephony, voicemail, email, diary, contacts, video conferencing and live on-screen file sharing. These are delivered to you wherever you are, at a PC or via your mobile or hand-held.

Lynx Networks has combined the benefits of an IP phone system with Microsoft Exchange 2010 to create a powerful tool for business. By utilising this system, your business could have faster and more effective exchanges between team members, with customers and with partners, enabling you to work more efficiently and drive up sales.

UC is such a powerful concept that it can be hard to grasp but here are some features:

  • Voicemails delivered to your email in-box
  • Click-to-dial from any phone number on your screen
  • Visibility of the availability of team members
  • Voice control of Microsoft Outlook so you can access it via you mobile phone
  • Voice reading of your emails to any phone
  • Easy video conferencing
  • On-screen live document sharing
  • A single phone number to reach you via voicemail, your desk or your mobile

UC been fully embraced by all the key players including Microsoft, Cisco and HP. If you’re not using any features of UC now, you will be in the near future.

Lynx Networks has the skills and knowledge in both telephony and computing to provide you with a system to leave your competition behind. For a demonstration of UC at our MK offices, contact us for a demonstration. Alternatively, see below for some excellent videos on the subject.

Please contact us 01908 633833 or use the form below if you'd like a quotation, some technical advice, or just an introductory chat.