Virtualisation & Storage

Today virtualisation is commonplace. Organisations throughout the world are using virtualisation to make the most of their investment, improving performance and availability of key systems while using less hardware.

But virtualisation is changing.

Today we don’t only think about virtualisation of servers. It can be applied to almost any area of the infrastructure, including networking and storage which means efficiencies and savings can be applied across the network.

There really has never been a better time to deploy virtualisation on your network. The latest products from VMware and Microsoft extend the value of virtualisation by combining functionality with compatibility and simplicity. The virtual infrastructure applies to any organisation from the smallest school to the largest company. All able to achieve efficiencies and savings never before possible.



If you’re already using virtualisation it’s worth looking at what more it can do for you. At the network level you can easily make better use of faster network speeds to reduce the number of network connections, simplifying network design and reducing complexity. Virtualisation at the storage level is completely changing our approach to data storage. It’s easy now to extend the use of arrays and improve their functionality with the addition of key software or you can avoid expensive investment in enterprise level hardware and purchase much more cost effective products with key software to offer the same end user experience.  

It is even possible to virtualise the whole infrastructure, bringing servers, storage and the network together as one, reducing management complexity and massively reducing the time it takes to configure and deploy new resources. (Server running slow, give it some more memory, another network connection or more space, all at the press of a button.)  

The benefits of virtualisation haven’t changed, they’re just available to more organisations than ever and bring wider benefits across the network.  

If you’re looking at virtualisation for the first time or looking to expand the benefits you’re already getting, give Lynx a call. We can work with you to improve services and reduce costs. There really has never been a better time to virtualise.  

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