Wireless Networking & WiFi

A wireless network gives easy and instant network access. However, to provide a multi-point wireless network that gives reliable bandwidth over large area requires a thorough site survey and design by a specialist. Without these, the experience of a poor wireless network could be, “It's too slow, only works for half of the office and drops out when the door is opened”.

As a true wireless network specialist, endorsed by FortinetCisco, Ruckus and HP, we have a team dedicated to making this technology work transparently. Each of the manufacturers systems has its own merits that excel in different situations. Lynx Networks will survey, design, install and support the most appropriate solution whatever the application.

Wireless Networking Video

From our Milton Keynes headquarters, we have successfully installed wireless networks across the UK and Europe, and even in the Falkland Islands.

Many issues surface when considering a wireless network but our experience can guide you through these to ensure the solution offered meets your requirements.

Questions our technicians are often asked include:

  • How many access points are required to give me full coverage?
  • What network speed will the users get?
  • Can wireless replace my wired connections?
  • How can I secure my network when using wireless technology?
  • Would 802.11g or the latest 802.11n standard be the best solution?
  • What wireless system would give me the fastest throughput?
  • Will the network support my wireless phones?

All of these questions and more can be answered as a result of an in-depth wireless survey by Lynx Networks. You may even qualify for a free site survey.

Please contact us for further information.