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4 Use Cases for Cisco Umbrella

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Article, Cyber

So, you know what Cisco Umbrella does, but you aren’t sure whether your existing network security measures already protect you in the same way. Here are 4 use cases for Cisco Umbrella that you may have not considered.


1 – Protect networked workstations

Though you should have several layers of network security through the use of technologies such as anti-virus software and firewalls, Cisco Umbrella can bolster these defences by offering protection at the DNS level. In fact, more that half of organisations who implemented Cisco Umbrella saw a reduction in malware on workstations by 75% or more (source).

Protection at the DNS levels stops threats at the earliest point possible and means your further security systems have more capacity to deal with the most malicious of threats. 73% of Cisco Umbrella users saw a reduction in security alerts from existing security solutions by 50% or more (source).


2 – Protect mobile workstations

With a shift towards cloud platforms and an increase in the use of mobile workstations, your users are not guaranteed to be connected to your network when using their devices. If these devices are infected, it can cause major issues when they are introduced to your network.

With Umbrella’s light-weight roaming client, you can provide mobile workstations with an additional layer of security.


3 – Comply with internal policies through web filtering

With Cisco Umbrella, you can effectively manage your user’s internet access through category-based content filtering, allow/block lists and SafeSearch browsing enforcements. This is possible for devices both on and off your network.

With 80+ content categories that cover millions of domains, you can configure Umbrella to block end-points from accessing inappropriate web content within a matter of seconds.


4 – Protect guests on your network

You can’t be sure that a guest device on your network are protected from threats and this could in-turn be a threat to your network. Cisco Umbrella can protect guest users by simply pointing all DNS traffic through your wireless network to Cisco’s global network. Block malware, inappropriate content, malicious websites and a ensure a great user experience for guests to your network.

Deployment across your Wi-Fi network is easy through seamless integration with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers. It is even possible to deploy it across wireless networks from third party vendors. Whether you are managing ten access points or ten thousand, management is simple and instant through centralised management.

Learn more about protecting your guest Wi-Fi with Cisco Umbrella.

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