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Joshua’s Work Experience

by | Jan 23, 2018 | News

Joshua from St Paul’s Catholic School in Milton Keynes spent a couple of week’s at Lynx Networks recently for his work experience. It was great having him here and he did some good work. He what he said about his experience:

“I feel honoured to be working at such a superb, astute and cordial company. I’m really grateful for the head of Work Experience for putting me at Lynx Networks to work here for 2 weeks. At Lynx I really enjoyed each and every single day there, working with Eddie, Alan and the other office workers at Lynx was amazing. The banter we had each and every day was fun. Addressing how welcoming and friendly everyone at Lynx was is very important too.

At Lynx I’ve learned a haul of stuff, including:  working with spreadsheets, analysing other cabling enterprises in the UK, tests engineers at Lynx must take, working in an office area, taking apart PC’s, putting them back together and learning how to design with Publisher.

I’m really happy that I was blessed enough to work here and most importantly I have God to thank for it. I really made sure I put my heart into every task I did each and every day, to make sure that I coming to Lynx benefited everybody there.  In addition, being set challenges was good to because it taught me personally to solve them independently. One really good thing that working at Lynx taught me that working with IT, learning about IT, being set challenges associated with IT can really be fun especially when solving them.

I can’t thank Alan enough for having me there and my colleagues for being so friendly to me. This is an experience I definitely won’t ever forget.”


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