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Flex Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is much more than data backup and recovery; it is your organisation’s ability to cope with the unexpected and get back on its feet with minimum disruption.

If your on-premises systems become unavailable to you due to a fire, cyber-attack or other disaster, we can upload your replica data to servers in our data centre. This means your IT systems will be back on-line rapidly and your business operations can continue.

Disaster Recovery
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Expert Management

Expert Management

Our experts will handle the setup of your recovery solution for you and be on hand if disaster strikes to get you operational.

Secure Off-site Storage

Secure Off-site Storage

The Lynx Flex servers are stored within an ultra-secure tier 3+ data centre; meaning you can be confident your replica system will be ready to go when/if you need it.

Rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment

Our disaster recovery solution is quick and easy to deploy. If disaster strikes, your replica server can be online and operational within minutes.

Regulation compliant

UK Data Centre

Having your data stored within the United Kingdom means it is compliant with UK and EU regulations regarding data location.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Data is encrypted before it leaves your network parameters and remains encrypted until you recover it.

No Single Point of Failure

No Single Point of Failure

Both the data centre and Lynx Flex hardware have been designed with redundancy at every level to guarantee 99.95% up-time.

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Veeam Cloud Connect

Backup & Replication

Call today on 01908 633833 to speak to our experts about developing your disaster recovery plan or use our online form to get a quote.

HP Enterprise
Processed by HP Technology
Protected and Connected by Cisco Security and Network Hardware
Stored within IBM Storage

The Data Centre

Our Flex cloud servers are housed in an ultra secure, local, tier 3+ data centre with ‘no single point of failure’ configuration.

You can rest assured that your data has the best possible physical security and in the event of a disaster, we can get you a physical copy fast.

Multi-level Security
Multi-level Security

ISO 27001 compliant security at every level to prevent unauthorised access, from the site grounds to the physical racks.

Network Connectivity
Network Connectivity

Diverse networking connectivity both internally and externally via dark fibre to multiple London locations.

Power & Generators

Use of diverse supplier feeds from multiple grid points and on-site emergency generators eliminate risks to your data caused by power outages.

Flex Cloud Server

Powerful, secure & reliable off-site servers

Your users will have the same software at their fingertips, running seamlessly at fast speed via rapid internet access.

Flex Cloud Backup

How secure is your backup?

Backup all your data to our ultra secure severs with Flex Backup. Powered by Veeam.

On-site and Hybrid Storage Solutions

Along with our cloud server services, Lynx Networks also offers a range of on-site and hybrid storage solutions.

News, Articles & Case Studies

6 Ways your SMB can prevent a cyber attack

6 Ways your SMB can prevent a cyber attack

Over the last few years Lynx has been invited into a number of situations following a serious cyber incident at client sites. In some cases, this was more about partial recovery after a minor encryption outbreak. However, others were far more serious in terms of all...

Lynx defends 10,000 cyber-attacks every day

Lynx defends 10,000 cyber-attacks every day

On Thursday 20th May, our cyber defences successfully kept 10,297 external scans from probing our network as a pre-cursor to an attack. Had just one these probs found a weakness and been exploited, our business could have been badly damaged.

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