Data Centre Rack Space

Lynx Rack: Rent data centre rack space

If you want to host your hardware in a data centre, but don’t need a whole rack, you can rent some space in one of our racks. Lynx engineers can install your equipment and make any physical changes that you require, but you will have control.

The Data Centre

Lynx Networks has some rack space in a highly secure, local (Milton Keynes) tier 3 data centre.  All our services that operate from the data centre have ‘no single point of failure’ configuration, with built in resilience in regards to power, communications, processing and storage.

What is Lynx Flex?

Lynx Flex is our flexible approach to cloud computing. Many of our cloud services run on hardware owned by Lynx Networks and stored in a local tier 3 data centre. Because we own our servers, we’re able to install and configure cloud services that integrate perfectly into your operations, whether it’s a hybrid solution or completely off site.

Data centre rack

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