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Network Design

Network architecture expertly designed, installed and configured.

We provide industry-leading IT infrastructure solutions nationwide to organisations of all types and sizes. We can deliver complete solutions from scratch or expand on your existing network with additional technologies or upgrades.

The first step is to contact us and be assigned a project manager who will oversee your project from enquiry to completion. Your project manager will address your IT challenges and provide you with the best and most suitable options available.

Switching & Routing

We are well-equipped to supply and install a wide range of switching solutions from industry-leading manufacturers that match your budget and application.

Network Storage

Fast, reliable and secure network storage solutions installed and configured to keep your systems accessible. On-site, on-premises or hybrid.

Firewalls & Security

Our network security solutions carefully balance security and accessibility to protect your systems with minimal impact on your day to day processes.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Many of our network design services have powerful cloud hosted alternatives for business with the need for flexibility and scalability. 

Telephony & Comms

Keep your organisation collaborating and connected with our wide range of telephony and unified communications solutions.

Data Cabling

Our industry-leading in-house data cabling installation team means you can save money by using Lynx for an end-to-end solution.

Lynx have been brilliant! We moved offices over a weekend – increased our Wi-Fi coverage by 50% added in ethernet – and with virtually no loss of service to our users. Since then we’ve added 50% more users. Lynx have helped us all the way through and been a pleasure to work with.

– David Kelsall, Immense Solutions

News, Articles & Case Studies

6 Ways your SMB can prevent a cyber attack

6 Ways your SMB can prevent a cyber attack

Over the last few years Lynx has been invited into a number of situations following a serious cyber incident at client sites. In some cases, this was more about partial recovery after a minor encryption outbreak. However, others were far more serious in terms of all...

Lynx defends 10,000 cyber-attacks every day

Lynx defends 10,000 cyber-attacks every day

On Thursday 20th May, our cyber defences successfully kept 10,297 external scans from probing our network as a pre-cursor to an attack. Had just one these probs found a weakness and been exploited, our business could have been badly damaged.

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