Cisco Meraki Wireless Networking

A Cloud-based Wireless Networking Solution

Cisco Meraki has been designed to simplify the deployment and management of Wi-Fi networks. The solution is known for its ease of use, scalability, and reliability, making it a popular choice for businesses, schools, and other organizations that need a robust and secure wireless network.

One of the key benefits of Cisco Meraki is that it can be managed entirely from the cloud. This means that network administrators can access the network and make changes from anywhere, at any time, using a web browser. This can greatly reduce the time and effort required to manage a wireless network, as well as increase its accessibility and security.

Cisco Meraki also offers a number of advanced features, such as real-time network analytics and visibility, automatic security updates, and integrated security and firewall capabilities. These features help to ensure that the network is always secure and performing optimally, even as it grows and evolves over time.

In addition, Cisco Meraki supports a wide range of device types, from laptops and smartphones to IoT devices and access points. This makes it easy to integrate new devices into the network, regardless of their operating system or form factor.

Another benefit of Cisco Meraki is that it is highly scalable. The solution can support networks of any size, from small businesses to large enterprise organizations, and it can be easily expanded and customized to meet changing needs. This makes it an ideal choice for organizations that need to accommodate growth and change over time.

Overall, Cisco Meraki is a powerful and flexible solution that can help organizations to quickly and easily deploy and manage a secure and reliable wireless network. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, this solution can provide the tools and features you need to stay connected and competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Wireless Networking

Why choose Lynx Networks for your Wireless Network?

Wireless Surveys

Full Surveying Capabilities

Our experts are equipped to carry out in-depth active and passive wireless surveys, as well as provide detailed heat-maps post installation.

Cabling and Network Infrastructure

Cabling and Infrastructure Specialists

Our data cabling team combined with our IT systems engineers and project managers are able to provide you with end-to-end solutions.

Secure Network

Deep Knowledge of Network Security

WiFi networks can inherently produce security risks. It is paramount that your provider builds your network with robust security measures.


Proven Experts

Our claim to be proven experts in IT Infrastructure is backed up by a wealth of accreditations, including ISO 9001, ISO14001 and manufacturer partnerships.

Manufacturer Endorsed

Manufacturer Endorsed

Through our partnerships with Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus and HP, we are able to provide our customers with exclusive offers.

29 Years Experience

30 Years Experience

With three decades of experience in IT infrastructure, Lynx has been providing WiFi solutions since they became common practice.

Call today on 01908 633833 for complimentary expert advice on your wireless network or use our online form to arrange a survey.

Expert Surveys

Wireless Networking Surveys

To ensure a reliable, secure and accessible wireless network, it is critical to have your premises properly surveyed. The type of survey necessary is dependent on the nature of the site in regard to the size, structure and required application. Surveys are conducted by our experts using AirMagnet with spectrum analysis to create detailed heat-maps of your premises.

What is an active survey?

Active surveys take place on a live wireless network. They use your existing APs to create a heatmap of your current WiFi coverage whilst measuring things like round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss and bandwidth. We then use specialist software to perform a series of tasks such as sending/receiving large files and ping tests. Using the results of this survey we can produce you a detailed report that includes heatmaps of your coverage.


When would you need an active survey?

You might need us to conduct an active survey if you have issues that need troubleshooting, or you want to upgrade an existing network. The survey results will reveal any gaps in your coverage.

Active surveys can also be used as post-installation surveys to ensure everything is working as intended.

What is a passive survey?

When we conduct a passive survey, we use an AP and a wireless device (typically a laptop) to generate data about your Radio Frequency (RF) environment. We then take the results and use intelligent software, along with a schematic of the area, to create a wireless network design.


When would you need a passive survey?

A passive survey is the best possible option if you are looking to create an entirely new network that will be required to cover a large area. Unlike active surveys, they do not require the presence of an existing network in order to be carried out, therefore they are ideal for new builds or refurbishments.

What is a predictive survey?

Predictive surveys are carried out remotely by using a plan of your premises and applying simulation tools. We use intelligent software to account for signal loss and reflections from things like walls or large objects and uses ‘virtual access points’ to create a design for you that maximizes coverage.


Why would you need a predictive survey?

Predictive surveys are usually conducted when carrying out a physical survey is not a viable option; this could be due to strict time or budget constraints. Predictive surveys can be carried out remotely and are therefore usually the cheapest option. With smaller locations, a predictive survey is often all you’ll need.

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Since having Lynx install a new network during the summer holidays, the reliability has been incredible. The service they have provided has been top quality and when we needed an engineer to look into an issue they responded immediately and sorted the issue out in seconds.

– Rob Crilly, Wootton Primary School

Do you have multiple sites?

Cloud wireless systems give you control of all your sites’ WiFi networks from a single web-based portal; simplifying scalability, configuration and maintenance.

Looking for more than just Wifi cabling?

As well as being experts in wireless networking, we also have 34 years’ experience in delivering industry-leading structured cabling networks.

Are you looking for a wireless network for your school?

We have produced a helpful guide that outlines some considerations when investing in a wireless network for the education sector.

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