Top Tip: Time Saving Windows 10 Feature

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Article

Do you ever take on tasks that requires you to be constantly swapping the data on your Windows clipboard? Personally, I use Windows Notepad to store snippets of content that I need to come back to and to copy and paste elsewhere. But no more! Windows 10 now has a fancy new feature … introducing ‘Clipboard History’.

Clipboard history is a live history of everything you have copied to your clipboard, stored and ready to paste when you need it.

Setting up Clipboard History is an easy as click a button (well 2 actually). If you are on your Windows 10 device, simply click the Windows key + V and a notification Window will appear and ask you to click the button ‘Turn On’ the feature.

Now that you have Clipboard History setup, you are now free to use it. Instead of using the shortcut CTRL+V, instead now use Windows+V and you will be presented with a history of everything you copied.

Clipboard History

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