Vulnerability Testing

An essential layer in your cyber defences

New vulnerabilities are discovered daily. To keep your organisation, its systems and its data as safe as it can be, you need to be able to detect cyber threats early. This has to be an ongoing task. To help keep you safe, our expert technicians offer Vulnerability Testing – keeping your organisation free from cyber-attack.

We’re licensed and trained to use the Nessus assessment tool. This tool enables us to give you regular assessments of your current vulnerability to a cyber-attack.

Vulnerability Testing – external or internal

For an external-only scope, the process is simple. Provide us with a list of your IP addresses and leave the rest to us. Alternatively, you can opt for internal tests, whereby a laptop, for example, is placed on your network to probe your internal devices.

Each process is transparent and will not affect performance or expose you to additional threats.

Vulnerability Testing for all devices – protecting against hackers

Through Vulnerability Testing, we check that all IP-addressable devices on your network have the latest and necessary patches installed. This will include servers, printers, cameras, phones, wireless APs, routers, switches and any IoT devices.

If a hacker can access any of your internet-connected devices, they can control that device or, maybe, access your servers via that vulnerability and install malware.

Hacked devices can also be used as a weapon in a DDoS attack against websites.

Although your devices may be updated automatically with security patches, some patches may get missed. Nessus vulnerability testing will highlight missing patches so you can install them and reinstate your defences.

In some cases, a device is unable to run the latest operating software because it may stop some functionality of a system’s older components. In this case, a technician will need to determine the best course of action.

A one-off Vulnerability Assessment can cost as little as £150.

We also offer a service where we carry out regular vulnerability tests to ensure you stay safe.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Solutions Provided by Lynx Networks

Email Security

Email Security with Mimecast or Exchange

Cloud-based email security provides full visibility and protection against phishing and other email-based compromises. With Mimecast or Exchange Online Security, you can take advantage of highly sophisticated email filtering without the need for capital investment and upkeep.

Internet Gateway

Browsing protection with CISCO Umbrella

Protection against phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks. Cisco Umbrella is the most comprehensive protection for users on the internet. By checking DNS lookups against a database of millions of known threats, Umbrella will protect against clicking on a malicious hyperlink.

Intelligent Firewall

Intelligent Firewall with CISCO Firepower

Cisco’s Firepower software offers complete protection before, during and after an attack, combining complete firewall features with advanced malware protection.

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention with Cisco Secure IPS

Cisco’s Intrusion Prevention System inspects packets on the network to decide whether they are malicious and, if so, block them immediately.

Malware Protection

Malware Protection with CISCO AMP

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) offers real time detection of known threats using the world’s best and most immediate threat database, Cisco TALOS.

Full Network Visibility

Full Network Visibility with Cisco Stealthwatch

Cisco Stealthwatch outsmarts emerging threats. It uses machine-learning to spot unusual activity on your network, responding to threats immediately. It knows what’s normal network traffic and behaviour for your organisation, and what’s not.

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Cisco Premier Partnership

Our Cisco Premier Partner accreditation enables us to provide you with access to exclusive Cisco offers and pricing. We work closely with Cisco to ensure we have the best possible expertise at implementing their extensive product range. This means peace of mind for you, as you’re benefiting from the best possible Cisco solution for your organisation

From management to switch-over, consideration was consistently applied and properly communicated. We are very satisfied and would not hesitate to work with Lynx again, as a result.

– Stacy Samat, British Lead

Have you considered moving to a secure cloud solution?

Host your IT in an ultra-secure data centre with Lynx Flex. Cloud and hybrid solutions for servers, cloud backup and rapid disaster recovery.

Is your wireless network secure?

See what you’re missing with a fast, secure and accessible wireless network designed and installed by our experts.

Secure On-site Storage Solutions

We offer a range of secure on-site server and storage solutions providing you with peace-of-mind that your data is protected.

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