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Want to try Cisco Umbrella?

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Cyber, News

Cisco Umbrella

Protect your network from cyber criminals, gain threat visibility across all devices and ports and shape your security policies around real data.

So you know what Cisco Umbrella is and you have an understanding of some of it’s possible use cases, now it’s time to test-drive the world’s first secure internet gateway in the cloud. Lynx Networks have partnered with Cisco to provide all of our customers a 21-day free trial of Cisco Umbrella.

If you would like to sign up for the trial, simply send us an email by clicking the button below to register your interest and one of our experts will be in touch to have a conversation about your requirements, answer any questions you may have and get the trial set up for you.

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6 Ways your SMB can prevent a cyber attack

6 Ways your SMB can prevent a cyber attack

Over the last few years Lynx has been invited into a number of situations following a serious cyber incident at client sites. In some cases, this was more about partial recovery after a minor encryption outbreak. However, others were far more serious in terms of all...

Lynx defends 10,000 cyber-attacks every day

Lynx defends 10,000 cyber-attacks every day

On Thursday 20th May, our cyber defences successfully kept 10,297 external scans from probing our network as a pre-cursor to an attack. Had just one these probs found a weakness and been exploited, our business could have been badly damaged.

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