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What you should know about cable testing

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Article, Cabling

Certification vs Qualification vs Verification

Not all cable testing is alike. Certification testing, as performed by a Fluke DSX for example, is best. It tests at the full range of frequencies and confirms that the link meets the national, European or international Standard. Therefore, the link will perform well for any application designed to work on cabling that meets those Standards.

The requirement for certification keeps the installer on his toes. Poor materials or substandard installation will cause the test to fail.

Qualification testing only confirms the link is good for a specific range of applications. It doesn’t mean it will work for any applications you’re not testing for. Cabling that passes a Qualification test may fail a Certification test and may not support your future applications.

Then we have verification testing. This can be as simple as a continuity test or it could measure length and test for split pairs and bad impedance matches. It will find most installation faults but won’t prove the link will work well in practice.

Lynx Networks carries out certification testing to give you and us the peace of mind of knowing the link meets the necessary standards.

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